Venin Noir A Deeper Gray Lyrics

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A Deeper Gray Venin Noir Song Lyrics

A Deeper Gray Lyrics
by Venin Noir

["There are times in which we can read in somebody else's eyes things we wish we could never read. If you are any sensible, you can predict these unsaid things. Deeper Gray is the daylight that does not shine. Another day is born, nobody cares about our defeats. Nobody is supposed to, anyway. The chorus lyrics is a desperate person's claim to be abandoned by life. Deeper Gray is when all feelings get out of control. It is almost as if we could die a causeless death, and then, resurrect".]

daylight is closing my eyes for the last time
I can barely see what you seek
I can barely hear what you speak
daylight is coming to end my suffering
I can barely live as I lived
I can barely cry when I breathe
my eyes can see just a deeper gray

blood is burning inside of me
pain is dancing in front of me
lies are laughing at my tears
harm is increasing throughout the years

so give up on me
shall I now say farewell
for our future has been denied
for our tears have all been cried
the dawn is about to come

daylight will bring deliverance and my payback
I can barely wait for my last
I can barely move from my chair
daylight is near me but I can't hear
I can barely keep track of time (I can barely hear)
I can barely ask what is mine (I can barely hear)
my eyes are blurred by this deeper gray

so give up on me
shall I now say farewell
for our lives have done us apart in me
shall I now say farewell
for our lives have done us apart
the dawn comes so alone
all I can see is a deeper gray

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