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Abacinate (US) Song Lyrics

Ruination (2008)

Negating The Omnipotence Of Your So Called Man In The Sky
The Nuremberg Code
These Things Were Meant To Kill You
She Gave Up The Ghost
Delerium Tremens
Six And Eight Hard (Nickel Each)
Sadist Misogynist
How I Would Have Done It
The Vanishing Will To Sustain My Existence

Portrayal Of The Gray Man/The Decayed State... Split (2007)

Far From The Reaches Of Medical Attention - Abacinate
No Big Deal...death Always Comes With The Territory - Abacinate
The Lips That Never Smile - Abacinate
Extension Cord 17 - Abacinate
Life Is Worth Losing - Abacinate
Intro - (God-Rot)
Trash Bag - (God-Rot)
You Are Dead - (God-Rot)
Demonic Cries I Crave - (God-Rot)
They Just Start Cutting - (God-Rot)
Clothes - (God-Rot)

Portrayal Of The Gray Man - EP (2006)

Far From The Reaches Of Medical Attention
No Big Deal...Death Always Comes With The Territory
The Lips That Never Smile
Extension Cord 17
Life Is Worth Losing

One Less Mouth To Feed - Demo (2005)

Death To Pigs
Bleeding Honor
For Wordless

Emma Jacob - Five For Fighting - Fragile Nova - Jeffree Star - Terri Clark - The Pussycat Dolls

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