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Akon Song Lyrics

Akonic (2012)

Nosy Neighbor

Freedom (2008)

Right Now (Na Na Na)
Keep You Much Longer
We Don't Care
I'm So Paid
Holla Holla
Against The Grain
Be With You
Sunny Day
Over The Edge

Konvicted (2006)

Shake Down
Blown Away
Smack That
I Wanna Love You
Never Took The Time
Mama Africa
Don't Matter
I Can't Wait
Once In A While
Tired Of Runnin
Gangsta Bop
Sorry, Blame It On Me
Fair To You
Struggle Everyday

Trouble (2004)

Locked Up
Trouble Nobody
Bananza (Belly Dancer)
Pot Of Gold
Show Out
When The Time's Right
Don't Let Up
Easy Road
Keep On Callin'
Never Gonna Get It

Miscellaneous Songs

Locked Up (Remix)
Baby I'm Back
So Fly
Stay Down
Soul Survivor
Dancing In The Dark
Smack That
Bad Man Walkin
I Wanna Fuck You
Smack That (Remix)
I Wanna Love You
Smack That (Remix)
Ghetto (International Remix)
Locked Up (Germany)
Don't Matter (Remix)
You Don't Want It
Lonely (Disney Radio Edit)
Gun Shot
Me Myself & I
Sorry, Blame It On Me
Sorry, Blame It On Me
Shakedown Remix
I'm So Paid (Remix)
Still Alone
Mama Africa (Remix)
Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
Hold My Hand
Could You Be The Reason
Come Back 2 Me
Fallin In Love
Sunny Day
Everywhere You Go
That's Me (Remix)
That's Me
Saviour Tonite
Right Now (Na, Na, Na)
She's So Fine
Get By
Shawty Got Me Excited
I'm So Paid
Never Forget Me
Right Now (Na Na Na)
Wake It Up
Over The Edge
Hold My Hand
Look Me In My Eyes
We Takin' Over
Belly Dancer
By My Side
Dangerous (Remix)
Ghetto (Remix)
Got My Eyes On You
Slow Wind (Remix)
U Got Me
Beautiful (feat. Negra Li)
Come Back To Me
Clap Again
The Reason
Work It Out
Stuck With Each Other
Beautiful (Feat. Dulce Maria)
Lets Just Fall In Love
Sexy Bitch
Takin It Off
Oh Africa
Party Animal
So Special
Ditch Ya Boyfriend
Her Shoes

Emma Jacob - Five For Fighting - Fragile Nova - Jeffree Star - Terri Clark - The Pussycat Dolls

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