Faster Faster Backstabbing Never Seemed So Friendly Lyrics

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Backstabbing Never Seemed So Friendly Faster Faster Song Lyrics

Backstabbing Never Seemed So Friendly Lyrics
by Faster Faster

We need to talk my dearest friend,
About this new girl youíre dating.
Thereís something about her that I just donít like.
But you donít know her like I do
And her intent seems to be true.
Because everything she does makes me feel this is right.
Youíve only known her for a while.
Donít be to charmed by her smile.
I heard sheís been around a time or two.
Is there something youíre not telling me?
Do you and her have history?
Because it sounds like youíre speaking from experience.
Promise you wont get upset?
Well, I canít promise that.
It happened long before you met her.
Just come right out and say it.
Itís not that easy. Oh no, itís not that easy.
Just say it.

She had my heart until she decided to break it.
Sheíll do the same to you if Iím not mistaken.
Iíll take my chances cause romance is something Iím new at.
Donít say I didnít warn you.
I wouldnít say that.

How could you keep this from me?
Itís not really how it seems.
My best friend was with my girlfriend and Iím the last to know.
Ok, before this gets to heated.
I think we should both be seated,
And Iíll let you know how it all went down.
It was the summer of junior year.
You were out of town and I was here.
We got introduced and started dating and I regret it.
I cant sit here and take this.
All Iím hearing is bull shit.
I think itís best for the both of us if we end this right now.
Youíre right itís really not my place,
To say who you should date.
I donít need to hear anymore,
Iím heading out the door.
Well best of luck, I hope she doesnít do the same to you.


Two weeks later couldnít date her called her on the phone.
Heard his voice in the background asking if I thought she was alone.
It seems like something has been going on,
For a while and Iím the last to know.
Donít worry I wont rub it in your face,
Cause nowís not the time and hereís not the place.
Iím not the kind of guy to say I told you so.
But, you told me so.
Yeah, I know.


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