Psychotic Waltz Bleeding Lyrics

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Bleeding Psychotic Waltz Song Lyrics

Bleeding Lyrics
by Psychotic Waltz

now the wind won't blow away
the sun won't come out to save the rainy day
going nowhere, not today
the great tomorrow's coming anyway

from a tear in the sky, crying inside
blood of the sun is blinding my mind now
we're bleeding, we're bleeding
come on we're bleeding

now the world won't turn for me
never really came out what it seemed to be
you pull away, you push around
you'll come running when your world's coming crashing down
The rain's falling down
I'm drowning inside
Killing my prayer so deeply I cry aloud

we're bleeding, we're bleeding
come on we're bleeding
we're bleeding, we're bleeding now
come on we're bleeding
come on we're bleeding, we're bleeding

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