Nicki Minaj Blow Your Mind Lyrics

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Blow Your Mind Nicki Minaj Song Lyrics

Blow Your Mind Lyrics
by Nicki Minaj

She said her name was Nicki.
She came to play, and here body was Sicken.
She gets whats she wants, so sexy when she talks
Oh, you know she gon blow your mind.

We getting all to bump they little head.
I got em like, oh, which one of them Ima dead.
Cuz when they get sick, they start to cough bread.
So (coughs) cough up that bread.
Body look right, plus we crop heads.
The Rolls Royce Phantom, yeah the drop head.
And that just goes to show I'm that b-tch.
I 26 inchs the rims with black lips.
And this is the anthem, this this is the anthem. (x2)
Any Any Any, All in ya Any. The Way I put the p-ssy on ya chinny chin chinny.


Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa, tell that nigga not to drink no mo.
Thinking that its hot, ya really just so-so.
That's just a Reeedicilous 4-4.
F-ck I look like, All That.
Pull Up In the all black.
Suede on my floormat.
Bad b-tch format.
Ros'e; Call that.
Don't expect a call back, cuz I'm
International, tell him to call me Borat.
This is the anthem, this this is the anthem. (x2)
Any Any Any, All In Ya Any.
Way I Put the p-ssy on ya chinny chin chinny.


What the f-ck I look Like?(x8)
Ima bad motherf-cker.


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