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Cam'ron Song Lyrics

Contraband (2015)

Get More
Not Yours
Why Wait
Dope Spot
Gimme The Loot

1st of the Month, Vol. 1 (2014)

Other Side
Talk About It
Put It In The Sky

Ghetto Heaven (2013)

Golden Friends
Talk To Me
Dat All
Told You Wrong
Instagram Skit
Go Outside
Ghetto Heaven
Me Killa
Welcome To My World
Come And Talk To Me
Instagram (catfish)
Think You Need Love
You Know This
Murder Game
My Life
Let Me Work
Think About It

Cam'Ron & The U.N. Presents Heat In Here 1 (2010)

Like Shiiiiit
Sex Tape
Fuck The Other Side
Fed Story
On My Shiznit
It's Your Party
Horror Story
Throw It Up
La Bumba
Ride With Me

Crime Pays (2008)

Crime Pays
Cookin' Up
Where I Know You From
Silky (No Homo)
Get It In Ohio
Spend The Night
Cookies & Apple Juice
My Job
Got It For Cheap
Bottom Of The Pussy Hole
Never Ever
Woo Hoo
You Know What's Up

Public Enemy #1 (2007)

Why They
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Calm Down
Can't Hurt My Style
Just Us
The Cycle's Sick
I'm A Hustler Barry
Hot Mess
Roaches In The Chicken
Kill My Dog
Yada Yada Yada
Aint Like Us
Swagga Talk
Shitty Skit
Child Of The Ghetto
Let Me Know
Dead The Funeral
Bad Day
Think Out Loud
Fit For The Grind 2

Shade Of Black (2007)

Killa Season 2
Harlem's Greatest
Shade Of Black
Wish You Were Here
Don't Push Me
Coulda Been
Weekend Love
I Could Care Less
Children Of The Corn
You Must Not Know 'bout Me
Cha Ching, Cha Ching

Killa Season (2006)

Killa Cam (Intro)
He Tried To Play Me
Leave You Alone
Living A Lie
We Make Change
Voicemail Interlude
Wet Wipes
Touch It Or Not
Triple Up
Get Ya Gun
White Girls
Girls, Cash, Cars
Do Ya Thing (Remix)
Get 'em Daddy (Remix)
Voicemail Interlude 2
Something New
You Gotta Love It
Love My Life
I'm Up, You Down
Man Up

Purple Haze (2004)

More Gangsta Music
Get Down
Welcome To Purple Haze (Skit)
Killa Cam
Leave Me Alone, Pt. 2
Down And Out
Harlem Streets
Rude Boy (Skit)
I'm A Chicken Head (Skit)
Soap Opera
O.T. (Skit)
Bubble Music
More Reasons
Block (Skit)
Dope Man
Family Ties
Hey Lady
Get 'em Girls
Dip-set Forever
Take Em To Church

Come Home With Me (2002)

Losing Weight Part 2
Oh Boy
Live My Life (Leave Me Alone)
Come Home With Me
Welcome To New York City
Hey Ma
On Fire Tonight
Stop Calling
I Just Wanna
The ROC (Just Fire)
Dead Or Alive
Boy Boy
I'm Ready

...Harlem's Greatest (2002)

Horse & Carriage
What Means The World To You
That's Me
Let Me Know
Do It Again
Losin' Weight
Fuck You
My Hood
Pimps A Pimp

S.D.E. (2000)

Fuck You
That's Me
Do It Again
Come Kill Me
What Do I Gotta Live For
Double Up
Losin' Weight
Sports, Drugs & Entertainment
What Means The World To You
All The Chickens
(Where The) Fuck You At
Why No
Where I'm From
Let Me Know
My Hood

Confessions Of Fire (1998)

Rockin' & Rollin'
Wrong Ones
Horse & Carriage
Me, My Moms & Jimmy
We Got It
D Rugs
Feels Good
Phone Interlude
Pimps A Pimp
Fuck You
Me & My Boo
Who's Nice

Miscellaneous Songs

Facts Of Life
Horse & Carriage (Remix)
What Means The World To You (Remix)
Wanted: Dead Or Alive
Halftime Show
Pink Tee (The Answer To White Tee)
Get 'em Daddy
Hey Ma (Uncensored)
Diamonds And Pearls
Lord You Know
Got To Love It (Jay-z Diss)
Hate Music
I'm Ready
Living My Life
Movin' Weight
Suck It Or Not
What My Niggas Want
You Gotta Love It (Jay-z Diss)
Let The Beat Build Freestyle
Owe Me (Oh No You Didn't)
I Hate My Job
I Used To Get It In Ohio
Its Nothin
Cams Sorry
Let's Talk About
Speaking In Tongues
Ooh Baby
Speaking Tongues
Hey Muma
Rockin' And Rollin'
Oh Boy (feat. Juelz Santana)
Get 'Em Girl
He Tried To Play Me (feat. Hell Rell)
Shake (feat. JR Writer)
I Just Wanna (feat. Juelz Santana)
Hey Ma (feat. Juelz Santana)
Throw It In The Air
Girls Cry
Come Home With Me (feat. Jim Jones, Juelz Santana)
Daydreaming (feat. Tiffany)
Prophecy (feat. Kelly Price)
Stop Calling (feat. Freaky Zeekey, McGruff)
Where I'm From (feat. Dutch & Spade)
The Dope Man
Dead Or Alive (feat. Jimmy Jones)
A Pimp's A Pimp (feat. Jermaine Dupri)
All The Chickens (feat. Juelz)
Losing Weight Part 2 (feat. Juelz Santana)
Adrenaline (feat. Psycho Drama, Twista)
Feels Good (feat. Usher)
More Gangsta Music (feat. Juelz Santana)
We Got It (feat. Mase)
Double Up (feat. Un)
Live My Life (Leave Me Alone) (feat. Daz Dillinger)
Intro (Purple Haze)
Horse & Carriage (feat. Mase)
Triple Up (feat. 40 Cal.)
Touch It Or Not (feat. Lil Wayne)
War (feat. Hell Rell)
Get 'Em Daddy (Remix) (feat. Hell Rell, Jim Jones, J.R. Writer)
The ROC (Just Fire) (feat. Beanie Sigel, Memphis Bleek)
Something New (feat. Rell Hell)
That's Me (feat. DJ Clue)
Me, My Moms & Jimmy (feat. Kenny Greene)
You Gotta Love It (feat. Max B)
Do It Again (feat. Destiny's Child & Jimmy Jones)
I'm Nice
Me And My Boo
Sports, Drugs & Entertainment
Love My Life (feat. Nicole Wray)
More Reasons (feat. Jaheim)
Intro (feat. DJ Kay Slay)
What Means The World To You (Remix) (feat. Ludacris, Trina, U.G.K.)
Down And Out (feat. Kanye West, Syleena Johnson)
Living A Lie (feat. Mo' Money)
Where The Fuck You At
We Make Change (feat. Juelz Santana)
Movin' Weight (feat. Prodigy)
In The Jungle
Do It Again (feat. Destiny's Child & Jimmy Jones)
Me, My Moms & Jimmy (feat. Kenny Greene)
Where I'm From (feat. Dutch & Spade)
Horse & Carriage (feat. Mase)
Why Don't We Fall In Love ? (Remix)
Golden Friends

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