Trina C'mon Babe Lyrics

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C'mon Babe Trina Song Lyrics

C'mon Babe Lyrics
by Trina

When the party's over, let's get together
Come to my house, bring the cuffs and leather
But first let me tell you what's on my mind
In between these legs, everythin' is mine
Gotta beat this good 'til the break of dawn
Be the only real nigga that I'm slobbin' on
Come between these thighs and give this thing a kiss
Now come on baby, we can do this
You say you don't pay on the first date
Well you ain't no boss and I ain't gon' wait
I'm a bad bitch and a pissy prin
Attitude kinda cocky, yeah, a little sadity
You can lick this ass up and down
Lick it 'til your turn turn dodo brown
Don't try to be stiff and give me a kiss
Now come on baby, we can do this

Lock me lock and load, then ride your face
Don't put your tongue in it 'til you say your Grace
Your lips smackin' is all I hear
Give me that head then I wanna swear
Gotta beat me good like a [?]
When the police come, I don't know nothin'
But I'm still like like big toes suckin'
'Cause without that bag, we ain't fuckin'
I need a tongue that's long and a back that's strong
Bring a whole lot of kush that'll get me in the zone
Now beat that meat, aim to hit it
Now when you shoot that nut, let me babysit it
A lil nasty hoe, red bone
But a classy hoe, real jazzy hoe
Don't be scared and if you curious, just ask me, hoe
And yes, [?] cuff quite natural
I'm the baddest bitch, them other hoes counterfeit
They can't amount to this
Remember I'm the one who thought you how to ride and dick
And still gettin' cash and shit, now fuck you, bitch

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