Lil' Wayne Cryin' Lyrics

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Cryin' Lil' Wayne Song Lyrics

Cryin' Lyrics
by Lil' Wayne

So I met dis shawty dha other day,
I got her number called her up,
Like wuht you done, she sed nuttin,
I sed wuhts gewd, she sed not much,
I sed guess wuht, she say wuhts up,
I sed I think we shud hook up
She sed ughh, I sed wuht,
She sed but, I sed but? y you stuck
She sed fuck, I sed who,
She sed not u, I sed then who?
She sed u no, I no wuht?
U no who, I sed I do?
She sed u do, I sed I do buht I really don't,
B cuhz isz u dhat I really want,
N we can dew wuht u really want,
Girl we grown,
N if he ain't gon' treat u rite,
Dhen I ain't gon' treat u rong, dhass my word,
N she herd so many lies she don't no wuhts tru or not,
Shawty like a vallet service I sed she been threw alot,
Buht I put her car on park n never let her cry alone,
I listen 2 her heart beat b cuhz it plays my favorite song

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