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Dan Deacon Song Lyrics

Gliss Riffer (2015)

Feel The Lightning
Sheathed Wings
When I Was Done Dying
Meme Generator
Mind On Fire
Learning To Relax
Take It To The Max
Steely Blues

America (2012)

Usa Iv.manifest
Usa Iii.rail
Guilford Avenue Bridge
True Thrush
Crash Jam
Usa I.is A Monster
Usa Ii.the Great American Desert

Bromst (2009)

Of The Mountains
Surprise Stefani
Woof Woof
Wet Wings
Slow With Horns / Run For Your Life
Get Older
Paddling Ghost
Red F
Build Voice

Spiderman of the Rings (2007)

Snake Mistakes
Wham City
Big Milk
Pink Batman
Okie Dokie
Trippy Green Skull
Jimmy Roche
Woody Woodpecker
World Of Hair
The Crystal Cat

Acorn Master (2006)

Splish Splash
Two Friends
Big Big Big Big Big
Its My Fault
Breast Cake/penis Sleeve
Moses Vs. Predator

Twacky Cats (2004)

Arms Saloon
Lion With A Sharks Head
Connor Kizer Wearing Bead Jewelery
When I Was Taller

Live Recordings 2003 (2004)

Goose On The Loose Version July 17th
56 From 36 Through 70
Too Many Niggas Not Nuff Hoes
Sorry Brian Wilson (old Version)
This Crazy Mouse Won't Leave Me Alone
Song For Dina
6 From 1 Through 20
George Washing Hands
Pizza Horse

Meetle Mice (2003)

Bji Aii Hmhp #14
Never Do That (mars)
Biggle Hat Was Ice Cream Time ( Card Shark Nose Nose)
30 ( From 21 Through 35)
Electronics With Clarinet And Bari Sax
Song For Dina
My Own Face Is F Word
Drinking Out Of Cups
The Adventures Of Mr Bumbershine Featuring Doctor Witherbean
That's A Nice Shirt ( Dad)
Aerosmith Permanent Vacation 24162-2
I'm So Gay With The Boner
Aw Ah Ah Ah ( Party Cakes)
My Weasle Is Married Worm Married
I Have Aids
005 September 22 Be

Silly Hat vs. Egale Hat (2003)

My Name Is Robert
Sound Events
Shit Slowly Applied On Cock Parts
The House I Was Isn't My Girlfriends Porshe
Missy Modle X 1000
I Will Always Have Juice Today
Glass And Metal
It's Not As It's Going Downtown
Junior High Band With Trucks And Dogs
4400440044040 With Dufus And The Beatles

Goose on the Loose (2003)

Goose Gets Gone Goin' Hegemie Bound
All Wet And No Boner
I'm 100% F.u.n.
Me And The Girls Are Gettin Foiled!
Skybomb Conklin House
Whammy Daddy
Lizard In Skynard
Cowboys And Cobras
Pigs, Mice, Sharks, Cards, Everything
Hangin' Out
People Are Awesome These Days
Real Relax Time For Mother
Breaking The Ice

Miscellaneous Songs

Lion With A Shark's Head
Wham City
Wham City Part 2
Drinking Out Of Cups
Okie Dokie
Pizza Horse
Snake Mistakes
The Crystal Cat
Big Big Big Big Big
Build Voice
Moses Vs Predator
Trippy Green Skull
Wet Wings
Woody Woodpecker
World of Hair
Hey Let's Go For A Ride
Totally Boner Eat Shit
Red F
Of The Mountains
Jimmy Roche
My Name Is Robert

Emma Jacob - Five For Fighting - Fragile Nova - Jeffree Star - Terri Clark - The Pussycat Dolls

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