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Fucked Up Song Lyrics

Glass Boys (2014)

Echo Boomer
Touch Stone
Sun Glass
The Art Of Patrons
Warm Change
Paper The House
Led By Hand
The Great Divide
Glass Boys

David Comes To Life (2011)

Queen Of Hearts
One More Night
Lights Go Up
Inside A Frame
Life In Paper
Remember My Name
A Slanted Tone
Serve Me Right
Under My Nose
Ship Of Fools
A Little Death
I Was There
Truth I Know
Let Her Rest
The Other Shoe
Turn The Season
Running On Nothing
The Recursive Girl

Year Of The Rat - EP (2009)

Year Of The Rat
First Born

The Chemistry Of Common Life (2008)

Son The Father
Magic Word
Golden Seal
Days Of Last
Crooked Head
No Epiphany
Black Albino Bones
Royal Swan
Twice Born
Looking For God
The Chemistry Of Common Life
The Peaceable Kingdom

Hidden World (2006)

David Comes To Life
Invisible Leader
Carried Out To The Sea
Baiting The Public
Fate Of Fates
The Two Snakes
Hidden World
Manqueller Man
Blaze Of Glory
Triumph Of Life
Jacobs Ladder
Vivian Girls

Year Of The Dog - EP (2006)

Year Of The Dog
Last Man Standing

Litany - EP (2006)

What Could Have Been
Colour Removal
Reset The Ride

Generation - EP (2005)

Ban Violins
Magic Kingdom

No Pasaran - EP (2002)

No Pasaran
Circling The Drain

Miscellaneous Songs

Looking For Gold
Neat Parts
Year Of The Pig
I Hate Summer

Emma Jacob - Five For Fighting - Fragile Nova - Jeffree Star - Terri Clark - The Pussycat Dolls

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