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Galadriel Song Lyrics

World Under World (2004)

Under Wings Of The Fallen One
The End Of Eternity
Imaginary Sins
The Fall
Bleeding Heart's Poetry
I Closed Your Door
Noxious Humanity
Insanity + Suffering
Sex In The Underworld
The Grave Is The Last

From Ashes And Dust (2002)

From Ashes & Dust
Strong One Against The Storm
Dark Erotica
A Horned Man
I'm The Everything
The Remembrance
Armies Of Valinor

Oblivion (2000)

On The Wings Of Gwaihir
Strokes Of Desire
As Your Body Burns
The Evening... ...And Then Came The Night
My December
It Ends When The Moon Loses Its Face
Rivers Of Olivion

The Mirror Of The Ages (1999)

The Forest Lullaby
The Flower And Dark Butterfly
Fear In Their Eyes
Twilight Time
In The Garden Of Lost Shades
Vampirian Love
Lost Paths Of Unicorns
The Battle By Wogastisburg

Empire Of Emptiness (1997)

One Lost Child
Tears Of Emptiness
Immortal Visions
Empire Of Emptiness
Sad Leaves Of The Dying Rose
Dreaming Memories
Kingdom Under The Ocean
Silence And Streams

Miscellaneous Songs

I'm The Everyhing
The Evening And Then Came The Night
The Flower And The Dark Butterfly
From Ashes & Dust

Emma Jacob - Five For Fighting - Fragile Nova - Jeffree Star - Terri Clark - The Pussycat Dolls

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