Lil' Wayne Get Bizzy Lyrics

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Get Bizzy Lil' Wayne Song Lyrics

Get Bizzy Lyrics
by Lil' Wayne

Young young young young young young yooouuunnng young moola baby

Weezy f xxxxx im tired of yall hatin
I know ya head hurtin you tylanol takin maf**kers im the man
Just ask ur ol' lady like a true gentleman im after yo lady
Im a massacre waitin' to happin f**k all this rappin boy
I get to cappin and leave you with holes like a napkin man
He gonna need napkin no a band aid no a damn grave
I am rampage jackson on a rampage step in my cage
Picture on my page printed in the best book
Come up out my left pocket with a left hook
Mamma said knock ya out money made me block ya out
I done got the game on lock and i lock ya out
My jewelery singin' like the opra house i done bought the phantom of the opra out
Yea get silly now stupid man
Never save a hoe she better ask soulja boy to superman
You can bet when i sleep im poloed out head to feet polo horses on my sheets i get that from pimp c
Tall cup of dj screw sittin on a pint of big moe
Sharper than a tack hoe you can keep the tick toe
Yea red scarff on my neck red diomans lookin like red barf on my neck
Tell my bass nigga sue woo cause i be with more beans than ju ju
Big bro im a big dog and i dont mean fleas when i say im ticked off
Nigga i dont eva scratch and if she throws that xxxxx big dog will fetch

(Thanks to David for these lyrics)

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