Lil' Wayne Get Money Freestyle Lyrics

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Get Money Freestyle Lil' Wayne Song Lyrics

Get Money Freestyle Lyrics
by Lil' Wayne

(Lil wayne)
Im gone in

let me do what i came to did
im fuckin money cuz i can wit it
fuck the rumors lil wayne to big
i love the rumors it mean wayne to big
and i get brain lie i aint gettin rich
slim him
the creme of da creme a ten out of ten
a one of one
you can get shot by the son of a gun
if you snitch my purpose is to have your tongue
and mail it to your mom
along with a bomb
bomb im im so saddam im so osam-barrack obama i aint got no time if it aint bout cake
thats all i eat cuz its all i ate now i keep a sweet-tooth now i gotta tooth ache
a dab of c0caine take the pane right away
more then a dab say yo to da yay yo now i cant feel my face go and get the bigwheels wet paint say its just like me to the shit that stank that bank that bank tell the bank im on my way im on the highspeed chase for days im gettin it and you best hide it cuz if i spot it i got it i got it

get money
get get money
we do the damn thang aint a damn thing funny
drop it down till you pull a hamstring honey and get money get money get money
if you work a 9 to 5 get money got work up in the ride get money either way aint a damn thing funny let me see you pop it till you pull a hamstring honey GO!!

(Thanks to mizz.daija for these lyrics)

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