Trina Going Ham Lyrics

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Going Ham Trina Song Lyrics

Going Ham Lyrics
by Trina

You don't want it [x4]
Ah, this is, Trina, 2010
I'm goin ham on it [x4]
(going ham on these bitches, alot talkin goin on)

[Verse 1:]
Guess who's back in the motherfuckin house
That bitch ho yappin bout
Still Queen of the motherfuckin south
And I can't be stopped so shut yo mouth
Yea, miss priceless swag
Ten thousand dollar bag, I kno ya'll bitches mad
Cause I come n I go n ya'll ho's throw back
Ya'll ho's can't see these checks
I write, I'm a boss, I'm a corpret set
Ya'll ho's just run ya mouth
I do what I say n what I want I get
I'm pushin my horizons while eatin shrimp scampin
You suckin cheesy sticks (haha) n the lace front is nappy
I'm traveling cross the seas
U don't leave about your state
I sip the finest wine n chew the best steaks
Cause I'm the best bitch
Ya'll ho's just tag along, I'm going ham bitch
Cause the Queen out back up on her thrown.

I'm goin ham on it (you don't want it) [x8]

[Verse 2:]
Yea, who the fuck u thought I was
Let me put you ho's in place
I ain't talkin behind your back
I'm a say this shit off in your face
Don't need no mis-conceptions
I'm a cut right to the chase
I'm the bionic woman
We're not in the same race
Ya'll ho's to slow for me
I do this shit in heals
Thick thighs n jungle booty
I'm signin major deals
My paper stacked up
How the fuck I'm comin down
I'm pushin albums like bricks
Everytime you turn around
Can't get up off the ground
You ho's are late to deff
Your fashion ain't no time
Cause their wasn't nothin left
I shopped n bought it all
This bitch is on her shit
I told you once befo
I'm still the baddest bitch.

I'm goin ham on it (you don't want it) [x8]

[Verse 3:]
I got chefs n mace
I'm like a spoiled brat
You go section eight
Your house is full of rats
I got credit cards
N got plenty wips
You share drinks at clubs
Ho u need yo ass wipped (haha)
I get my hair did
You do your own shit
U hang with scaliwags
I roll with fly chicks
Bitch I'm dangerous
Ain't nobody scared of you
U getcha ass stumped
Any and everywhere u go through
Who fuckin after you
Now that's a dumb bitch
Your shit ocean wide
Every nigga swam in
Who fuckin after you
Now that's a dumb bitch
Your shit ocean wide
Every nigga swam in (haha)

I'm goin ham on it [x16]
You don't want it, you don't want it.

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