Werd (S.O.S) How 2 Flow Lyrics

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How 2 Flow Werd (S.O.S) Song Lyrics

How 2 Flow Lyrics
by Werd (S.O.S)

Start off with your fucking favorite cunt man
Play that shit
It's Werd mate SOS impressionist (laugh)

[Werd - Lil Wayne:]
Young money like a mother fucker
Young money like a mother fucker

I'm a young millionaire young money cash money
Me never have money ha ha ha that's funny
See I am not a dummy I get bread not living crumby
And your an asshole cause your still living bummie
See I am living sunny in the sun now listen sonny
And I'm never going to stop like an Energizer bunny
Yes it's young money cash money
Want you want to know I get money money money

[Werd - Vinnie Paz:]
Vinnie Paz daddy I put the blade to you first
Because I was born with a knife like caesarian birth
See you lay in the dirt get a grave in the church
I have your whole body spread like a plaque on the Earth
Fagot you don't over stand my mathematics
I came from the depths of hell with black magic
Ready to start war and brawl and that's tragic
When we put the pump to your face like asthmatics

[Werd - Wu Tang:]
Fuck your lifestyle blow your lights out
Knows that we dope like a nose and a white trail
And yeah we quite wild make a hype crowd
Throwing up their Wu's Wu Tang on the mic now

Disrespect Wu you a dead man
A take a draw with the sword in my left hand
It's Wu Tang it's the number one set man
Swift like the strike from the number one headband

Io whose hot flossing chain that be frosting
Mr. Tony Starks aka Mr. Mobbing
Aka like your X-mass robin
Scoping up honeys just to put them in their stockings

[Werd - Freeway:]
This is what we do and how we does it
Young Philly and my beard the thickest flow you know it
Flow high definition better get with the movement
If you standing outside get inside with your tickets
Done shows for show online with the business
That's W W dot Freeway and slash
Werd hitting the raps and my disc gone bubble
All the way to the top till we getting the cash

[Computer voice:]
Don't be fake
Drop the accent

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