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Idan Raichel Song Lyrics

At The Edge Of The Beginning (2016)

Le'chakot (To Wait)
Ha'yad Ha'chama (The Warm Hand)
Ba'yeshimon (In The Wilderness)
Mabitim Ba'yare'ach (Looking At The Moon)
Ma'agalim (Circles)
Ei Boded (Lonely Island)
Yalda Shelli Ktana (Little Girl Of Mine)
Delet Mistovevet (Revolving Door)
Ga'agua (Longing)
Be'chamesh Shniyot (In Five Seconds)
Lifney She'yigamer (Before It Ends)

Quarter To Six (2013)

Im Ha'ita Ro'eh (If You Would Have...)
Chaim Pshutim (Simple Life)
Olam Shalem (A Whole World)
Yored Ha'Erev (Evening Falls)
Be'karov (Soon)
Ba'layla (At Night)
Ha'ru'ach Ha'zo (This Wind)
Sabe Deus (God Knows)
Rak Oto (Only Him)
Achshav Karov (Closer Now)
In Stiller Nacht (In A Quiet Night)
Ana Ana Wa Enta Enta (I Am What I...)
Ad She'ein Yoter Le'an (Until Ther...)
Detr'as De Mi Alma (Behind My Soul)
Or Ka'ze (A Light Such As This)
Mon Amour (My Love)

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