Lil' Wayne In The Morning Lyrics

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In The Morning Lil' Wayne Song Lyrics

In The Morning Lyrics
by Lil' Wayne

Oh my what a nite
imma wake up in the morning like oh,oh
She boo koo fine she lookin at me
With them lite browns we in the back seat
Shawty body shaped like a figure eight
Yea that p***y great
she bout to get ??

(verse 1)
It was a friday, I was on the highway riding to that Kanye
That's when I saw a bad bitch riding right behind me
I slowed down so she could be beside me
Like beep beep shawty you sweet shawty
Lets pull over and meet shawty
THe gas station gas on me and you know that aint cheap shawty
You deserve 93 shawty, you deserve me shawty
So tell that other nigga that he can leave like a tree fallin'
And when it comes to love baby im free fallin
Did I leave my eyes in your p***y 'cause I see me all in, it
And I put her to bed now she sleepwalkin
And she never answer her phone not even if ET callin
Man you should see darlin
She like a sea dolphin
Splash splash call out bird game she ballin
And im just tryna be her coach or somethin
Cop her 20 hand bags out of Coach or somethin
First class flight get her out of coach or somethin
How bout vacation bon voyage with no ??? or somethin
And tell your man he dont owe me nothin
Tell him open his eyes i'd probably show him somethin
I started ridin' like a dirty dozen
Have her fellin like she Oprah cousin
But fuck money I give her mostly lovin'
Then i'm gone before it's sunny like


(verse 2)
It's next friday
I'm on the highway riding to that Sade
I see a bad bitch up in a hyundai(sp)
I said baby you suppose to be up in my place
She started laughin',I got the joke late
Look I just wanna tie you down when his rope break
Lil' mama so cool I call her snowflake
I fuck her so good on that cold plate
Now what you know about it
What you know about it
It ain't what you know about it
It's how you go about it
And I go about it, like im all about it
Like im sure about it
Like im so about it
Baby I can take you Farther than your fantasy
Maybe one day I can be thet father of your family I can handle all the extremities
She remember me me, Like


(Thanks to TIARA for these lyrics)

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