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Kate Rusby Song Lyrics

The Frost Is All Over (2015)

Cornish Wassailing
Sunny Bank
Winter Wonderland
Little Bilberry
Dilly Carol
Cold Winter
The Christmas Goose
Yorkshire Merry Christmas
Mount Lyngham
The Frost Is All Over

Ghost (2014)

The Bonnie Bairns
The Outlandish Knight
Silly Old Man
The Night Visit
Three Jolly Fishermen
I Am Sad
Martin Said
After This
The Magic Penny
The Youthful Boy
We Will Sing

While Mortals Sleep (2011)

Little Town Of Bethlehem
Kris Kringle
Joy To The World
Holmfirth Anthem
7 Good Joys
Rocking Carol
Shepherds Arise
First Tree In The Greenwood
The Wren

Make The Light (2010)

The Wishing Wife
The Mocking Bird
Let Them Fly
Only Hope
Shout To The Devil
Green Fields
Fair Weather Friend
Walk The Road
Not Me
Four Stars

Sweet Bells (2008)

The Holly And The Ivy
Sweet Bells
Poor Old Horse
A Miner's Dream Of Home
Hark The Herald
Hark, Hark What News
Hail Chime On
Candlemas Eve
Serving Girls Holiday
Awake, Arise Good Christians
Here We Come A Wassailing

Awkward Annie (2007)

Awkward Annie
Bitter Boy
John Barbury
High On A Hill
The Old Man
Andrew Lammie
Streams Of Nancy
Daughter Of Heaven
Blooming Heather
The Village Green Preservation Society

The Girl Who Couldn't Fly (2005)

Game Of All Fours
The Lark
No Names
Mary Blaize
A Ballad
You Belong To Me
Elfin Knight
Bonny House Of Airlie
Moon Shadow
Wandering Soul
Fare Thee Well
Little Jack Frost

Heartlands (2003)

Colin's Farewell
Sweet Bride
Weeping Crisps
The Fairest Of All Yarrow
Wonder What Is Keeping My True Love
Leafy Moped
William And Davy (Instrumental)
Drowned Lovers
The Wild Goose
The Beer Garden
I Saw That Sandra
Let The Cold Wind Blow
Yodelling Song
The Brownies
Over You Now
Round The Next Corner
The Sleepless Sailor

Underneath The Stars (2003)

The Goodman
The Daughter Of Megan
Let Me Be
The Blind Harper
The White Cockade
Young James
Bring Me A Boat
Sweet William's Ghost
Underneath The Stars

10 (2002)

The Recruited Collier
I Wish
Over You Now
The Sleepless Sailor
The Fairest Of All Yarrow
I Wonder What Is Keeping My True Love
Sweet Bride
The Maid Of LLanwellyn
The Wild Goose
Sir Eglamore
Night Visiting Song
Botany Bay
Drowned Lovers
Bold Riley

Little Lights (2001)

Playing Of Ball
I Courted A Sailor
Withered And Died
Merry Green Broom
Let The Cold Wind Blow
Caanan's Land
Some Tyrant
William And Davy
Who Will Sing Me Lullabies?
Matt Hyland
My Young Man

Kate Rusby & Kathryn Roberts (1999)

The Queen And The Soldier
Courting Is A Pleasure
Ned On The Hill
The Lorry Ride
Recruited Collier
Hunting The Hare
Plains Of Waterloo
Dark Eyed Sailor
The Constant Lovers

Sleepless (1999)

The Cobbler's Daughter
I Wonder What Is Keeping My True Love This Night
The Fairest Of All Yarrow
The Unquiet Grave
Sho Heen
Sweet Bride
All God's Angels
The Wild Goose
The Duke And The Tinker
Our Town
The Sleepless Sailor

Hourglass (1997)

Sir Eglamore
As I Roved Out
Jolly Ploughboys
Annan Waters
A Rose In April
Radio Sweetheart
I Am Stretched On Your Grave
Old Man Time
Drowned Lovers
Bold Riley

Miscellaneous Songs

Who will sing me lullabies
Broken-Hearted I will wander
Radio sweethearts
Night visiting
Canaans land

Emma Jacob - Five For Fighting - Fragile Nova - Jeffree Star - Terri Clark - The Pussycat Dolls

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