Waka Flocka Flame Knowledge God Lyrics

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Knowledge God Waka Flocka Flame Song Lyrics

Knowledge God Lyrics
by Waka Flocka Flame

My flow is the drill
...if you ain't on this side
So that jersey Glasgow
Big diamond rings
Is like I won a superbowl on my flow
Got the level bag and the devil ...
Got the devil insane and the membrane is worth a...
Get knockef off like the Kennedy
...you'll be sitting motherfucker
I ain't got shotguns,choppers
Will you cross the line?
Man I have no apology
Should have kept it peacefully
Why should they start with me?
The homie was behind me
Physically and psychologically
Ain't rapping a fuck

I appreciate the fame
...This is for the rain
I said no,I don't play no games
No place will be facing me
I only keep a little odor
Niggaz like to brag about what they're smoking off
Fucking bitch,when she's sitting alone smoking...
..you're chick is here
But onthe phone that's how she sounded like

Man I can't wait to go to college
I'll be poppin' hoes ..
Hip-Hop I'll lead you to it
Hip-Hop go to town I'll just do with the beat
Hip-hop goes with the sound I just go with the beat
Hip-hop goes with the sound I just go with the beat

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