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Lady Saw Song Lyrics

Walk Out (2007)

Hello Lady Saw
Big Up
Me And My Crew (The Rae)
Silly Dreams
No Less Than A Woman (Infertility)
Not The World's Prettiest
You Need Me
Baby Dry Your Eyes
Walk Out
Chat To Me Back
It's Like That
Power Of The Pum
Like It
Stray Dog

Strip Tease (2004)

I've Got Your Man
Man Is The Least
Do Me Better
Move Your Body
Strip Tease
Coming Over
Coming Over
Cocky Liquor (Skit)
Pretty Pussy
Lock It Up
Just Being Me
Best Pum Pum
Been So Long
Dreaming Of You
Thug Loving
Food Love
Messed Up
My Dreamz
Dedicated To Mama

99 Ways (1998)

Straight Work
Oh Yeah
No Matta Me
Ride Of Your Life
Woman Sneaking
Picture On The Wall
Nuh Dis Me
Hardcore Lover
Money Money
Don't Even Stress Dat
99 Ways
Bunner Boy
Brown Eyes Blue
Hall Of Fame
Let's Stay Together
I Call Your Name

Raw: The Best Of Lady Saw (1998)

Hardcore''It's Raining''
Find A Good Man
Sycamore Tree
If Him Lef
Strange Feeling
Good Wuk
Eh - Em
Give Me The Reason
No Long Talking
Hot Man A Road
Hice It Up
Serious Allegations
Stab Out The Meat
Darnest Things
Mama G
Life Without Dick
Woman Wi Name
Gal No Worry

Passion (1997)

Introlude / Gal No Worry
Na Nurse
Long 'til It Bend
Sycamore Tree
I Don't Need To Know
Interlude / Healing
Lover Boy
Love Is Strange
Call Me
Let Peace Reign
Wuk With You
Just The Wuk
Woman Wi Name

Give Me The Reason (1996)

Good Wuk
What Is Slackness
Give Me The Reason
Darnest Things
Husband A Mine
Glory Be To God
Saturday Night At The Movies
Name Nuh Stand Fi Sex
Lonely Without You
Life Without Dick
Love & Understanding
Ain't No Meaning
Over & Over

Miscellaneous Songs

I've Got Your Man (Remix)
Heist It Up
People Business
Answer To Shaggy (It Wasn't Me)
Eh-Em Eh-Em
Get A Straw
Give Me A Reason
God He Knows
If I Was A Rich Girl
Ive Got Your Man
Man Haffi Mind Wi
Married Man
Not In Love
Son Of A Bitch

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