Okkervil River Lido Pier Suicide Car Lyrics

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Lido Pier Suicide Car Okkervil River Song Lyrics

Lido Pier Suicide Car Lyrics
by Okkervil River

I thought I saw my god
Through phrase and a ton of blood
And somehow tipped each club
And half completes the half
The things I thought about
The riches who die
I've gone so far away now, kid
From coast to coast to far beyond
The waves rose in the gasps
Now all the else to see
Starships shifting in the crack
They don't believe that stuff I'm bound to be
I gotta leave, I can't come back

Lido Pier suicide car, Lido Pier suicide car
Lido Pier suicide car
Said it's a straight, short drive to a life full of stars

At first it seemed a little speck
And that seems a little mess
We took our drinks out to the deck
We watched that silver light track
We flew over the hills, the harbor boat
Over the wake would flash and spray
We watched a chimp, that jag, that jaguar
We watched our old friends fall away
My heart feeling away to watch our little town see that
I know it wasn't far, we're leaving, oh, really we're leaving

Lido Pier suicide car, Lido Pier suicide car
Lido Pier suicide car, Lido Pier suicide, suicide
Lido Pier suicide car

Said he's a red lad hand shaker, he's a steward of the land
And washes heroes blood, he's the lodger of '
'trying to make a grand
But he catches me and freezes, see, to leave me or to laugh
Says he's gonna break my band
I just have to take that hand and put it down
And can you hear the shouting?
I'll be there acting a hundred
I'm so used to boys and ' what did he say about a

Lido Pier suicide car, Lido Pier suicide car
Lido Pier suicide, suicide car

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