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M2M Song Lyrics

The Big Room (2002)

What You Do About Me
Love Left For Me
Miss Popular
Wanna Be Where You Are
Leave Me Alone

Shades Of Purple (2000)

Don't Say You Love Me
The Day You Went Away
Girl In Your Dreams
Mirror Mirror
Pretty Boy
Give A Little Love
Everything You Do
Don't Mess With My Love
Dear Diary
Do You Know What You Want
Smiling Face
Our Song

Miscellaneous Songs

The Feeling Is Gone
Pretty Boy (Mandarin)
Todo Lo Que Haces
Wait For Me
Not To Me
All Hearts Beat
All The Birds
Alle Fugler
Alle Hjerter Banker
Det Satt To Katter
Don't Say You Love Me (Album Version)
Gubben Og Gamla
How Strange
Hvis Du Ser En Krokodille
I Won't Forget You
If You See A Crocodile
Papegøye Fra Amerika
Parrot From America
Pretty Boy (Mandarin Version)
Så Rart
Solen Er Så Rød Mor
Ten Little Cyclists
The Feeling Is Gone
The Greybeard And Old Hag
The Sun Is So Red Mother
Three Little Chinese
Three Little Fish
Ti Små Syklister
Tre Små Fisk
Tre Små Kinesere
Tuppen And Littlemother
Tuppen Og Lillemor
Two Cats Were Sitting
What You Do About Me?

Emma Jacob - Five For Fighting - Fragile Nova - Jeffree Star - Terri Clark - The Pussycat Dolls

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