Lil' Wayne Married To Block Lyrics

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Married To Block Lil' Wayne Song Lyrics

Married To Block Lyrics
by Lil' Wayne

[Lil Wayne Speaking]
Turn the music up in my phones..

[Lil Wayne -Verse1]
Straight off the corner apple and eagle
pray for a bitch like the times im at evil
married to the block, divorced the cathedral
standin' on the corner selling porcelain to people
forced into evil, its all in ya' head
its also cerebral call me knievel
you follow when i leave you, straight to the needle
the bottle the battle the beetles'll eat you
momma name cita i love you cita
remember when your pussy second husband use to beat ya'
remember when i went into the kitchen got the cleaver
he aint give a fuck i aint give a fuck either
he could see the devil, see the devil in my features
you can smell the ether, you can see cita
you can see the cita see the cita in my features
i am old voice and the world is my speaker

Im speakin'...

(Thanks to Pat for these lyrics)

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