Faster Faster Matchsticks Don't Make Men Lyrics

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Matchsticks Don't Make Men Faster Faster Song Lyrics

Matchsticks Don't Make Men Lyrics
by Faster Faster

She sits alone at this cafť.
Never looking over her shoulder,
But feeling every change.
This scene is all but picture perfect.
Is it worth it?
As the bartender pours you another drink you sit and think:
ďShould I lock eyes with a stranger?
Just to feel his sense of danger?Ē
As I enter from stage right.

Behind a painted face sheís screaming:
ďIím not an optimist!Ē
Keep it up, keep it up.
Youíll find something to smile about.
They donít notice you; your disguise is more than convincing.
Keep it up, keep it up.
Youíll find something to smile about.
They donít notice you; just play it cool and donít give yourself away.

Iíll ask if this seat is taken.
If Iím not mistaken,
You were expecting me anyways.
Your eyes are hiding more than tears.
Theyíre giving away your fears.
And with this handful of lines Iíll expect you to change.
But Iím left wanting.


She demands compensation for whatís been done here.
And how I wish I knew what we were dealing with.
Matchsticks donít make men and Iíve created a monster.
Thereís a storm coming and I can feel it in my bones.
I want to hear your voices echo off these walls.
Thereís a storm coming I can feel it, I can feel it

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