Waka Flocka Flame My Boo Lyrics

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My Boo Waka Flocka Flame Song Lyrics

My Boo Lyrics
by Waka Flocka Flame

Shee mahh shawtyy
Shee gnee hold mah 40[Flocka]
Shee mah iceey girl
Livin n uh icey worldd[00]
Shee can do [yea]
Wht mahh homeeboys cant do
Dats mah lady
Yu can call ha mahh boo boo

Whts up shawty
Hello miss
Shee cant miss uh niggah like dis
Iced out wrist wit uh diamond necklace
Im so handsome im so fly
Im so playa im so fly
Long Black Dreads
Wit some gold in mah mouth
Tattoos every where even in mah ear
Tattoos every where even in mah hair
All d girls likee who dat rapper
Can dey fxck can dey suck dat rapper
Yu can fxck yu can suck dis rapper
Wrap ya lips all around dis rapper
Im n lovee wit nikki && beyoncee
Tell Trina && Alicia comee mahh way
Tell Rhianna dat i wnt put mahh hands on ha
if see Keri Hilson put mah hands on ha
Man im fly man im fresh Shawty im futuristic
Got mo hoes dan Ray J
Keep mo drama dan Kay Slay
Dats y dex girls always fightin ova meh
Wanna put dey hands all ova meh
Wanna havee mah baby ???
Got damn baby girl its too early
Please stop actin likee a groupie
One mo thang baybee can i get somee coochie


Rent free Bills free School Tuition is on meh on meh on meh on meh on meh [x2]
Traphouse runnin so hard [x2]

(Thanks to Chocolate for these lyrics)

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