Time Again Never Give Up Lyrics

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Never Give Up Time Again Song Lyrics

Never Give Up Lyrics
by Time Again

From the streets of San Diego to the slums of Echo Park
Broke down and homeless is where I got my start
I bounced around for years doing this and that
But now I'm doing good and I'm never looking back

I began with nothing, I still ain't got much
When life got me down I had to be tough
From the age of 14 I was on my own
No one would do it for me so I did it alone

Shelter to shelter and jail to jail
I'm here to tell you right now that I will not fail
I wish my old friends could see me now
Because they never would believe what I am doing now

I never gave up

Right now I'm where I want to be
Maybe not for you, but it's good enough for me
Don't need no fancy cars or diamond rings
All I wanna do is get on stage and sing

My dream is today and I'm doing it strong
No matter what the odds, I will still push on
I will do it for the poor who have no voice
And for all of the victims who had no choice

I will do it for the weak who cannot fight
For those who were wronged I will make things right
It's been an uphill battle, my fingers have bled
But I'm almost there and I am far from dead

I never gave up

When I came to the city of Hollywood I was broke down and beat
I slept behind dumpsters on the side of the street
There's one thing that always got me through
The one thing I always held true is that I never gave up
I'm never gonna give up

I never gave up

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