Jackie Greene Pale Blue Monday Lyrics

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Pale Blue Monday Jackie Greene Song Lyrics

Pale Blue Monday Lyrics
by Jackie Greene

Well I let down Virginia
When I told her I was bound for leaving
I told her that the city air
Just werenít worth my breathing
Then I packed my bags and left her
On her own;
Moving sad and slowly
Down the San Antone
And Iím never gonna set foot in her house againÖ

I never said Iíd leave her
But I never said that I would stay
And I donít mean to deceive her
But she knows it has to be this way
So walk outside and take a ride
And donít look back
Iíll be far away by Monday baby,
Ill be down the track
And Iím never gonna step foot in her house againÖ

She says it donít come easy;
There ainít no luck for free
But thereís nothing left around here
But a pale blue Monday morning me

Iím getting on my knees lord
Hoping just to speak with you
Iím getting on my knees lord
I know that Virginia is too
Oh but Iíd never thought Iíd feel this bad
About the past
Hearts and souls were never
Ever built to last
And Iím never gonna step foot in her house againÖ

Iím sitting at the station
Hanging my head down low
Donít want no confrontations
But I donít know which way to go
And I wish to God Iíd see her face just
One more time
But I got to be moving on and on the line

And Iím never gonna step foot in her house again...

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