Today Is The Day Platinum Pussy Lyrics

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Platinum Pussy Today Is The Day Song Lyrics

Platinum Pussy Lyrics
by Today Is The Day

It snowed and I felt really cold so bitterly cold I sold my soul I sell my soul wish you could cure me and send me far away a hopeless journey the dead cast away I'm dancing on the lawn I'm standing on the moon I'm hanging by the claw I hate to see you lose the laughter kills the air the ladder climbs the stairs I wander where you are I wonder where you are can't you hear me I'm calling you can't see clearly I'm falling through I need someone to take me away so far away so far away so far away let it go right at dawn I'll hit you again ten times as hard I missed you my freind saddle up ride em high saddle up shoot him in the eye saddle up ride em high set him up shoot you in the eye you're so vain inhuman as fuck you have no name just stupid fuck you should die you could be dead I'll finish singing this and take your head not a word not a sound you can't hide under ground blackest sea book of death cast the stone you'll be dead fist of gold fist of fire speak these words feed the fire say these words feel the fire hand in hand be the fire love saves you stake your claim the game is ending you can't keep your word you can't keep your word you can't keep your word I can't reject I can't return you just can't respect you I do not want to burn say it live it live your life with courage sometimes even you can be yourself some of the time

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