Lil' Wayne PMW (Pussy Money Weed) Lyrics

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PMW (Pussy Money Weed) Lil' Wayne Song Lyrics

PMW (Pussy Money Weed) Lyrics
by Lil' Wayne

(Verse 1)
Oh yes i love her like
Egyption, want a description?
Her body sicknin,
I can be her perscription,
I can be her physician,
Sexual healing, I can be her Religion, & now she's knealing
praying to the ceiling,
I bless her as if she sneeze,
Must be the weather, i dress her i am her sleeves,
I am her feathers, she's fly
Flyer than you, flayer than me,
I love her, she loves me too,
I love her 3 times, more then her mom, tryin to her that im the nigga that, she should
we should be where ever she Wunna be on a late night
mid day A.M, just say when
& i know i be where cavemen,
but nevermind them, shes poison, & i am Micheal Given,
See i know that yall dont hear me, but she does, we does,
What grown folk do when they had to much to drank & i thank, we done had to much to drank &...


oh yes, i love her like
Pussy money weed

(verse 2)
Oh yes i love her like a alter,
ill see you at the alter mrs. carter,
ill see you with my daughter or son, more than one.
Maybe 5 like the jacksons,
or Jon Packson, just dont em' fuck up the mansion,
& daddy will be home later on,
Smellin like the calone that i put on this mone,
& i hope that you smell like womens soap, & shampoo, & lotion, & perfume, & candles,
& imma run through dat pussy like a vandle,
yess im nasty as a scurpio, but im a lucky libra,
Got her wet like she sweatin out a fever,
Leave her to me, & she'll be smilen everytime single you see her from ear to ear.
I wunna be beside her when
She sleep, & she lay, or we
can stay awake, & watch the
Next day,
Clothes are over rated, Panties
are debated, eistien, her head is the greatest.


Oh yes, i love her like her dad
Told her no man, would ever love her, Oh & i better be the
Only man stickin it, lickin it like an envolope, mailin it, sealin it,
read it, i have writin down victoria's secret, dont tell no body, dont share your body,
Wit no body, not even a finger
i will cut it off & let him keep it. That ass for weezy baby.
& at my station, we have sex oriantation, when i hit, she squint, like them orian asians.
I do me, I say hey mrs. chung lee, i'd like to see your boody.
Roooll like sushi, im tryna dip my celarie up in her blue cheese. AHHs, OOHWEEs, WAHLAAs, TADAAs, MHMs UHA's, Oh yeas, Never oh no's
Until I have to go, & then its never, Oh No. i tell her dont cry, i be back like the eletric bill, & when she butt naked, she dressed to kill.


(Thanks to Bekah for these lyrics)

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