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Polar Bear Club Song Lyrics

Death Chorus (2013)

Upstate Mosquito
Twang (Blister To Burn)
Blood Balloon
Siouxsie Jeanne
Graph Paper Glory Days
Chicago Spring
So I Buy
For Show
When We Were College Kids

Live At The Montage (2012)

Hollow Place
Left And Leaving
Light Of Local Eyes
Slow Roam
Convinced I'm Wrong
Burned Out In A Jar
His Devotee
Living Saints
Bug Parade
Screams In Caves
Drifting Thing
Religion On The Radio
At Your Funeral

The View. The Life - EP (2011)

Close Knit
Killin It
Screams In Caves

Clash Battle Guilt Pride (2011)

Slow Roam
3-4 Tango
Religion On The Radio
Kneel On Nails
Life Between The Lines
Screams In Caves
Bottled Wind
Killin It
I'll Never Leave New York
My Best Days

This Polar Noise (2011)

Tonight Matthew, I Am The Batman
Shanghai Junk
Armed To The Teeth
Cowboy The Fuck Up
Smile You Son Of A Bitch

Chasing Hamburg (2009)

One Hit Back
Take Me
See The Wind
Olde Fisher Burial Ground
Living Saints
Chasing Hamburg
Drifting Thing
Song To Persona
Light Of Local Eyes

The Summer Of George - EP (2009)

Living Saints
Dead Man

Sometimes Things Just Disappear (2008)

As 'Twere The Mirror
Eat Dinner, Bury The Dog, And Run
Our Ballads
Heart Attack At Thirty
Convinced I'm Wrong
Another Night In The Rock
Hollow Place
Burned Out In A Jar
The Bug Parade

The Redder, The Better - EP (2006)

Election Day
Resent And Resistance
His Devotee
Parked In The Parking Lot Of Your Heart
Most Miserable Life

Polar Bear Club - Demo (2005)

To The Engravers
Let My Dry Eyes Play
Adam O

Emma Jacob - Five For Fighting - Fragile Nova - Jeffree Star - Terri Clark - The Pussycat Dolls

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