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Project Pat Song Lyrics

Cheez N Dope 2 (2013)


Cheez N Dope (2013)

Still Got That Work
Kush Ups
Keep It 1 Hunnid
Weed Smoke
Counting Money
Papers N Cups
I Ain't Seen Shit
Drank And That Strong
Bare Face Robbem
Interlude 5 (Cheez N Dope)
Jack One
Interlude 2 (Cheez N Dope)
Interlude (Cheez N Dope)
You Know What It Is
Everything Louie
Interlude 4 (Cheez N Dope)
Crash Out Cheez Dope
Interlude 3 (Cheez N Dope)
Married To The Game
Burn Me A Nigga
Interlude 6 (Cheez N Dope)
Intro (Cheez N Dope)
Niggas Bleed Like I Bleed

Loud Pack (2011)

Everythang's High
Gang Signs
Duffle Bag
I Play Dope Boy
I Ain't Got Beef
Guess Who
I Got A Question
Ni**as So Cut Throat
7 Days A Week
Kelly Green
Money On My Mind
Penitentiary Chances
Let Em Talk
Dollar Signs

Walkin' Bank Roll (2007)

On Da Porch (Skit)
Talkin' Smart
Rubberband Me
Don't Call Me No Mo
Hate My Swag
Wagon Wheels
Hit It - (Skit)
Hit It
Finna Start Robbin
See You Fall
Good Weed
See Me
Bull Frog Yay
Ready For Whateva

Crook By Da Book: The Fed Story (2006)

Good Googly Moogly
Tell, Tell, Tell (Stop Snitchin')
You Like
Find It & Use It
Time And Time Again
I'm A Playa
Raised In The Projects
Two Dollar Nigga
Been Gettin' Money
I Ain't Going Back To Jail
Crack A Head
Nigga Got Popped
I Keep That
High Off The Ground

Layin Da Smack Down (2002)

Still Ridin' Clean
Make Dat Azz Clap (Back Clap)
Choose U
Smokin' Out
Show Dem Golds
This Pimp
On Nigga
That Drank
Posse Song
Shut Ya Mouth, Bitch
Smoke & Get High
County Jail
North, North Part 2
Crash Da Clubs
Mouth Write A Check

Mista Don't Play: Everythangs Workin (2001)

Cheese And Dope
Whole Lotta Weed
Don't Save Her
If You Ain't From My Hood
Gorilla Pimp
Break Da Law 2001
So High
We Can Get Gangsta
Ski Mask
Life We Live
Y'all Niggaz Ain't No Killaz, Y'all Niggaz Some Hoes
Ooh Nuthin'
We Ain't Scared Ho
Aggravated Robbery
North North
Fuckin' With The Best

Murderers & Robbers (2000)

I Get Da Chewin'
This Ain't No Game
Bitch Smackin Killa
Red Rum
Fuck A Bitch
Easily Executed
Puttin Hoez On Da House

Ghetty Green (1999)

North Memphis
Represent It
Niggas Got Me Fucked Up
You Know The Biss
Run A Train
Rinky Dink / Whatever Ho
Up There
Rinky Dink II / We're Gonna Rumble
Gold Shine
Ghetty Green
Sucks On Dick
Shake That Ass
Slangin' Rocks
Ballers / Outro Cash Money Mix

Miscellaneous Songs

Ass Clap (Remix)
Bye Bye
Dis Bitch, Dat Hoe
Don't Save Her (Video/radio Remix)
Gel And Weave
Ghetto Type Broad
I Don't Need You
Roll Wit It
U Know Where I'm At Boy
Yeah Nigga, Yeah Nigga
Don't Turn Around
Out There
Chesse And Dope
If You Ain't Form My Hood
Niggas Got Me Fuckes Up

Emma Jacob - Five For Fighting - Fragile Nova - Jeffree Star - Terri Clark - The Pussycat Dolls

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