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Rich Trina Song Lyrics

Rich Lyrics
by Trina

(feat. Nesha)

Make a bitch rich cause the baddest bitch taught u dat(5xs)
Yea you taught me da. If you ain't teach me nothin else bitch you taught me dat

[Verse 1: Nisha]
See yo face when I'm rappin
Now I'm makin it happen
Yo bitch bitchin and trippin we don't trip we the baddest
Gettin gifts on the average some of em come from Pari'
Louie V to the feet everyday of the week
And every other week I be in a different v
Flyin to the mall bout to spent 20 on the feet
Louie slippers for hours Gucci slippers for showers
I got that Porche outside you in a Eddie Bouyer
I go toys I ride with the mary hour
In my own crib no more creepin to the shower.
Get like me hoe energy stee hoe
Got yo ego feelin smaller than a peep hole
G code she knoe g code shit
C note c4 that's how we blow doe
Ha yea I gotta laugh at em
I'm tryna teach ya somthin that I learned from tha baddest ya heard me


[Verse 2: Trina]
Yea I said that give a bitch a couple stacks
1 or 2 nah nigga keep cuffin that
Trin bean I'm the queen on the scene yup
Cavalli jeans damn right I'm a fene yup
Now she say 10 but for me you gotta double that
Pussy cat lookin fatter than a double stack
Rock starr extrodanaire nigga hell yea
Kickin all rap bitches in the dereaire
I'm ridin south beach top back in the coupe
On the way to my new album cover shoot
Now get that money how and fuck these niggas
Cause if he ain't got that doe he shouln't have you neither
Now tell that nigga betta slide you the visa
If he can't do that tell em slide you the keys to
Somthin exotic chromed out with ya name on it
Or make that niggat build a crib anyway you wan it.


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