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Sage Francis Song Lyrics

Copper Gone (2014)

Pressure Cooker
ID Thieves
Cheat Code
Dead Man's Float
Over Under
Make Em Purr
Vonnegut Busy
Thank You
The Set Up
The Place She Feared Most
Once Upon A Blood Moon
Say Uncle
Maint Reqd

Human The Death Dance (2007)

Growing Pains
Underground For Dummies
Civil Obedience
Got Up This Morning
Good Fashion
Clickety Clack
Midgets And Giants
Broccoli Break
High Step
Keep Moving
Water Line
Black Out On White Night
Hell Of A Year
Call Me Francois
Hoofprints In The Sand
Going Back To Rehab

Still Sickly Business (2005)

Hey Bobby
Love Love
Garden Gnomes
Come Come Now
Strange Famous Spoken Word
Back Packer
Killing Time
Eye Of The Tiger
Time Of My Life Redux
My Head
Andy Kaufman
Damage 96
99 Rappers
Pen To The Gun Fight
Majority Rule
Life Is What Distracts You From Death
Kfc (N8 Ball)
Whore Monger Freestyle
Whore Monger

A Healthy Distrust (2005)

The Buzz Kill
Sea Lion
Gunz Yo
Escape Artist
Product Placement
Voice Mail Bomb Threat
Dance Monkey
Sun Vs Moon
Agony In Her Body
Ground Control
Lie Detector Test
Slow Down Gandhi
Jah Didn't Kill Johnny

Sickly Business (2004)

The Masters Are Back
The Failure Disc 2 #6
Love Love Love
Garden Gnomes
Killing Time (Live On 90.3 Wriu)
Alternatives To College
Tree Of Knowledge
1996 Verse
My Girl Was Groupie
Lost Verse Of The Mainstream
My Head
Worlds Of After Verse
Jesus In A Bowl Of Germs
Kiddie Litter
Killing Muslims
Sandpaper Gloves
1995 Medley
Underbite Ben

The Known Unsoldier Sick Of Waging War... (2002)

Commercial Radio Advice Intro
Narcissist (Non-prophets 2002)
Mourning Aftermath
Makeshift Patriot
Freestyle Confession
Can I Kick It? (Aoi Live At The Ocean Mist Rhode Island 1997)
Hang Time (Bang Bang Boogie)
I'm Gonna Getcha
Mermaids Are Seasluts
Inner Conflict
How To Write A Political Poem
This Is Not A Dis Freestyle
Aoi Jam
I'm Not A Hater
Question Their Motives Freestyle
Cafe Girl
Not What I Am
Dirty Mac
The Write
Love Letters From Hell Outro

Personal Journals (2002)

Crack Pipes
Personal Journalist
Inherited Scars
Climb Trees
Broken Wings
The Strange Famous Mullet Remover
Smoke And Mirrors
Message Sent
Eviction Notice
Pitchers Of Silence
Kill Ya' Momz
Black Sweatshirt
Cup Of Tea
My Name Is Strange

Sick Of Waiting Tables (2001)

Vital Signs
Drop Bass
Who's Crying?
Day Grows Old
Narcissist (Live On Wriu)
Emperor's New Clothing
Orphanage Freestyle Part I Live
When Freedom Rings (Snippet Verse) - Whip It
Follow Me (Snippet Verse)
Gun Gods
Sage And Clokworx On 88.9 Wbru
The Best Of The Underground Kid Battle
I Apologize
Oliver Twisted
I Keep Calling
Respect The Broccoli Cock
Swedish Fish
Orphanage Freestyle Part Ii Live
Bounce (Live)
Mc Shut Up

Still Sick...Urine Trouble (2000)

The Time Of My Life
Majority Rule
Slug & Sage Freestyle Part 1
Eye Of The Tiger
Strange Famous Radio Rhyme
All Word No Play
Life Is What Distracts You From Death
Whore Monger Sing-along
Sage & Sixtoo
Mullet (Live Spoken Word)
Come Come Now
Her Shlag
Apathy & Sage Freestyle
Slug & Sage Freestyle Part 2
Live Recording Of Edan With Aoi
Strange Famous Spoken Word
The Short-necked Giraffe
Andy Kaufman

Miscellaneous Songs

Doomage (Damage Remix)
Hey Bobby
Makeshift Patriot
Mermaids Are Seasluts

Emma Jacob - Five For Fighting - Fragile Nova - Jeffree Star - Terri Clark - The Pussycat Dolls

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