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Saint Song Lyrics

Broad Is The Gate (2014)

Broad Is The Gate
We All Stand
Demon Pill
We Will Fight
Who You Are
Reach The Sky
Never Same
Metal Cross

Desperate Night (2012)

The Crucible
The Key
End Of The World
Let It Rock
In The Fray
Inside Out
Desperate Night
Zombie Shuffle
Judgement Day
To Live Forever
Escape From The Fire

Hell Blade (2009)

The Ascent
The Blade
To The Cross
Crying In The Night
Hell Train
Endless Night
You And Me
New World Order
Sinner Peace
Hell Blade

Crime Scene Earth (2008)

Half A Times Measure
Terror In The Sky
Everlasting God
Crime Scene Earth
The Judas In Me
Too Many
Bended Knee

The Mark (2006)

The Spirit
The Vision
Ride To Kill
He Reigns
On And On
The 7th Trumpet
The Mark
Bowls Of Wrath
Babylon The Great
Reaping The Flesh
Gog And Magog
Alfa & Omega

In The Battle (2004)

In The Battle
Star Pilot's Return
Here We Are
Holy Rollin'
The Choice
Acid Rain / Full Armor

Warriors Of The Son (2004)

Plan II
Legions Of The Dead
Warriors Of The Son
Vicars Of Fate
Time's Wasting
Killers And The Destroyers
The Reaper

The Perfect Life - EP (1999)

The Runner
Raise Your Hands
Show His Love
To Live Forever
The Perfect Life

Too Late For Living (1988)

Too Late For Living
Star Pilot
The Rock
On The Street
The Path
Through The Sky
The War Is Over

Time's End (1986)

In The Night
Island Prisoner
Space Cruiser
Through You
Time's End
Primed And Ready
Destroyers Of The World
Phantom Of The Galaxy
Steel Killer

Emma Jacob - Five For Fighting - Fragile Nova - Jeffree Star - Terri Clark - The Pussycat Dolls

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