Lil' Wayne Same Damn Time Lyrics

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Same Damn Time Lil' Wayne Song Lyrics

Same Damn Time Lyrics
by Lil' Wayne

Clonin’ the dedication
Time is I got my ass on it
DJ Drama

Niggas are windin’ out of my skateboards
She ridin’ dick like race cars
My bluntin’ over their space bars
I’m getting high in them quezars
I beg your pardon, I igg you not but I lean out in my glass apartment
I’m so shot yellow, boss retarded
My flow hard, these niggas copyin’
I’m Tunechi, I’d do me
Smoke doobies to uzzies
I make that bitch cum til she come to a conclusion
I’m ill as an illusion
I got B’s like a student
Bitch I am not a human and this dick is therapeutic

She said Tunechi give that dick to me
Smoother than a symphony
Two bad bitches at the same time, simetry
Murder you – no sympathy
Got medal like Olympians
She put the weed in the blunt like a parenthesis
Fuck y’all niggas, I’m getting me
Is you kidding me?
That big booty, them pretty feet
Them swishy sweets with that purp
Church with the priest

That red bong get licked to sleep
She wake up and get dick to sleep
Pickle me, trick a dit
I test these niggas with a cheek sheet
Her clique look like a jellybean
I’m on that promethazine
Blow your ass to smithereens
Kush strong like Mr. Clean
I’m the king, I have a dream
Money flippin’ – trampoline
Money flippin’ bad as be
Fresher than a prince stuckin’ in a queen
It’s your bitch if my cellie rings
And I kiss her belly ring
Put that dick up in her spleen
I shine like afrosheen

And I eat pussy – she suck dick
At the same damn time
That’s your sister now, then pass it to my slime
I’m skatin’ and rappin’ at the same damn time
I said I might retire but y’all know I be high
I did that time, I paid that fine
Fuck ‘er fine and go to jail for the same damn crime
For the same damn crime? Nah, murder this time
Potato on the end of barrel French fries

I’m rich bitch, truck fittin’ maaaaces
You pussy niggas hatin’ like a raaaacist
Totally do them white boys wasted
She can’t wait to take her drawers off like braces

Yea, Scooby got another one
Smoking on that bubblegum
Two dutch bitches, double dutch
I’m the shit, bubble gutch
Nigga get your gups wusup?
Don’t know if it’s love or lust
Tell that hoe to suck it up
She got lips like rubber ducks
That pussy whacked, I’m won and done
Troublesome, I’m troublesome
Got 2 bitches off Twitter
Tweetle Dee and Tweetle Dum
Single ladies, double cups
I’m tighter than a comer bun
Smoking on that strong
My blunt a fuckin’ muscle pump

And I’m gone
Dedication 4 ho
Future, fuck with ‘em

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