Chris Brown Seen Her Naked Lyrics

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Seen Her Naked Chris Brown Song Lyrics

Seen Her Naked Lyrics
by Chris Brown

She's so pretty
But she walks so mean
The hottest little mom
That I've ever seen
And if you see her...
She's a bad girl, that's what I need
She's got a swagger
... like a tiger
If you'd be down shot me
I'll go to heaven
I got a figure that she don's know
I ain't even see her... before

I've been trying to get her off my mind
Cause it would be wise
Cause I've been seen her naked
To make it every time I turn around
I'm seeing her clothes come down
Cause I have seen her naked
... I can't forget
Cause I've been seeing her naked

I'm not the dog
I'm just a dog
Cause I've been seeing
I've been seeing

She took it off for me
She took it
I've been seeing
I've been seeing her naked

Oh III she got a body
... body
You look at here up and down
Trying to figure out
Are you gonna see what I saw?
Don't even act like you're surprised
She has it mesmerized of the guys
She got to move it
Now you see her body everywhere
You're gonna be... what I'm talking about


She took it off for me
She took it
I've been seeing
I've been seeing her naked

All the ladies report to the dance floor
I wanna see you something you never did before
Shake it to the East
Shake it to the West
Show them how to make it
You're gonna shake it


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