These Days Strike You Down Lyrics

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Strike You Down These Days Song Lyrics

Strike You Down Lyrics
by These Days

You're not a fucking man, you're just a piece of shit
There's no excuse for your actions
Prey on the weak and defenseless
I'm gonna beat you senseless
A fist for every tear cried, I can't keep this hatred inside
And when we're face to face your blood will spill
I'm mad enough to fucking kill

Retaliation for each one of your victims
Rapist, killer, coward, you motherfucker!
I'll be the sword that strikes you down

I don't see how you call yourself a man
We'll never see eye to eye - I'll never understand
You need to be fucking punished for your crimes
You piece of shit scumbag - don't waste my time

Look inside - tell me what you see
Look inside - you're a fucking punk

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