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Tearstained Song Lyrics

Nightmare Visions (2008)

The Old House On The Mountainside
Crawling With Tarantulas
The Coffin
When The Sun And Moon Share The Sky
Mesta Mansion
The Plague Dream
The Porcelain Doll
Not Quite Awake

Homicidal Tendencies (2006)

Absolute Overkill In Vengeance's Name
Reduced To An Unidentifiable John Doe
Time Bomb
Justified Homicide (Contemplating An Act Of Murder)
Let Everything Die... Slowly
Social Parasitism
Revenge Killing Spree
Genocide And Misanthropy

Final Thoughts (2003)

Emotionally Massacred
Cold And Distant
Trust No One
Grim Bitterness
Failed Suicide Attempt
The Shallow Pool Of Life
Hopeless Emptiness
Final Thoughts
Raise The Dead
Black Masses

There Is No Hope (2001)

The Death Of My Passion
Despondent Surrender
Tearstained Coffin
The Curse Of Christ
Commit Suicide
My Open Grave
Lurking In The Dark

Monumental In Its Sorrow (1999)

The End Of This Incarnation
The Clouds That Grieve
Thunderstorms Ease Me
Bat Horde
Suicide Pact
Dead To The World
The Death Of All That Is Beautiful
Tearstained Nightsky

Emma Jacob - Five For Fighting - Fragile Nova - Jeffree Star - Terri Clark - The Pussycat Dolls

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