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Terror Song Lyrics

The Damned, The Shamed (2008)

Voice Of The Damned
Relentless Through And Through
Rise Of The Poisoned Youth
Never Alone
What I Despise
Let Me Sink
Feel The Pain
Lost Our Minds
March To Redemption
Crush What's Week
Still Believe?
Suffer, To Return Harder

Rhythm Amongst The Chaos (ep) (2007)

Rhythm Amongst The Chaos
Vengeance Calls On You
Arms Of The Truth

Always The Hard Way (2006)

All For Revenge
Strike You Down
Survival Comes Crashing In
Always The Hard Way
Last Of The Diehards
So Close To Defeat
Test My Convictions
Hell To Pay
One Step Behind
You Can't Break Me
Dibbs And Murs Check In
Hardship Belongs To Me
Smash Through You

One With The Underdogs (2004)

One With The Underdogs
Keep Your Mouth Shut
Less Than Zero
Are We Alive?
Spit My Rage
No One Cares
Not This Time
Crushed By The Truth
Out Of My Face
All I've Got
Find My Way
Enemies In Sight

Lowest Of The Low (2003)

Better Off Without You
Don't Need Your Help
Nothing To Me
Keep Your Distance
Another Face
Push It Away
Life And Death
What Have We Done
Lowest Of The Low

Dead Man's Hand Volume 2 (2003)

House Of Hell (Ringworm)
No One Dies Alone (Ringworm)
Out Of My Way (Terror)
Nothing To Lose (Terror)

Emma Jacob - Five For Fighting - Fragile Nova - Jeffree Star - Terri Clark - The Pussycat Dolls

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