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Thermals (The) Song Lyrics

We Disappear (2016)

Into The Code
My Heart Went Cold
Hey You
If We Don't Die Today
The Great Dying
In Every Way
The Walls
Thinking Of You
Always Never Be
Years In A Day

Desperate Ground (2013)

Born To Kill
You Will Be Free
The Sunset
I Go Alone
The Sword By My Side
You Will Find Me
Faces Stay With Me
The Howl Of The Winds
Where I Stand
Our Love Survives

Personal Life (2010)

You Changed My Life
I'm Gonna Change Your Life
Power Lies
I Don't Believe You
Never Listen To Me
Not Like Any Other Feeling
Only For You
Alone, A Fool
Your Love Is So Strong
A Reflection

Now We Can See (2009)

When I Died
We Were Sick
I Let It Go
Now We Can See
At The Bottom Of The Sea
When We Were Alive
I Called Out Your Name
When I Was Afraid
Liquid In, Liquid Out
How We Fade
You Dissolve

The Body, The Blood, The Machine (2006)

Here's Your Future
I Might Need You To Kill
An Ear For Baby
A Pillar Of Salt
Returning To The Fold
Test Pattern
St. Rosa And The Swallows
Back To The Sea
Power Doesn't Run On Nothing
I Hold The Sound

Fuckin A (2004)

Our Trip
Every Stitch
How We Know
When You're Thrown
Remember Today
A Stare Like Yours
Let Your Earth Quake, Baby
God And Country
End To Begin
Keep Time
Top Of The Earth

More Parts Per Million (2003)

A Passing Feeling
An Endless Supply
Back To Gray
Born Dead
Brace And Break
Goddamn The Light
I Know The Pattern
It's Trivia
My Little Machine
No Culture Icons
Out Of The Old And Thin
Overgrown, Overblown
Time To Lose

Miscellaneous Songs

Capture With A Magnet
Everything Thermals

Emma Jacob - Five For Fighting - Fragile Nova - Jeffree Star - Terri Clark - The Pussycat Dolls

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