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T.I. Song Lyrics

King Uncaged (2010)

I'm Back

Paper Trail (2008)

56 Bars (Intro)
I'm Illy
Ready For Whatever
On Top Of The World
Live Your Life
Whatever You Like
Swing Ya Rag
You Ain't Missin' Nothin'
What Up, What's Haapnin'
Dead And Gone
No Matter What
My Life, Your Entertainment
Porn Star
Slide Show
Every Chance I Get
Swagga Like Us
I Know You Missed Me
Collect Call
I Know You Missed Me
Don't Forget
Remember Me
Hell Of A Life

T.I. Vs. T.I.P (2007)

We Do This
Act III - The Confrontation
Don't You Wanna Be High
Tell 'Em I Said That
My Type
Watch What You Say To Me
Show It To Me
Act II
Help Is Coming
My Swag
Act I
Respect This Hustle
You Know What It Is
Da Dopeman
Big Shit Poppin' (Do It)
No Sweat

King (2006)

King Back
Front Back
What You Know
I'm Talkin' To You
Live In The Sky
Ride Wit Me
The Breakup
Why You Wanna
Get It
Top Back
I'm Straight
Stand Up Guy
You Know Who
Told You So

Urban Legend (2004)

Tha King
You Don't Know Me
Prayin' For Help
Why U Mad At Me
Get Loose
What They Do
The Greatest
Get Ya Shit Together
Freak Through
Bring Em' Out
Chillin' With My Bitch
Stand Up
My Life

Trap Muzik (2003)

Trap Muzik
I Can't Quit
Be Easy
No More Talk
Doin' My Job
Let's Get Away
Rubber Band Man
Look What I Got
I Still Luv You
Let Me Tell You Something
T.i. Vs. T.i.p.
Be Better Than Me
Long Live Da Game

I'm Serious (2001)

Still Ain't Forgave Myself
Dope Boyz
What Happened?
You Ain't Hard
Why I'm Serious (Interlude)
I'm Serious
Do It
What's Yo Name
Hands Up
Chooz U
At The Bar
Heavy Chevys
Grand Royal
I Can't Be Your Man
I'm Serious Remix

Miscellaneous Songs

Where You Wanna Be
Rubber Band Man (Remix)
I'm Serious (Remix)
My Air Forces
Dope Boi Fresh
Warrior's Theme
Bounce Like This
I'm A King (Remix)
Fuckin' Around
Top Back (Remix)
Cash Flow
Big Things Poppin' (Do It)
What You Know (Remix)
Uh Huh
A Better Day
No Matter What
Like I Do
Swagger Like Us
A Message To The Government
Drug Related
It's All G
Live Your Life (Extended Version)
Hell Of A Life
Right Now
Feeling You
Your The Best
Bother Me
Coming Back
Get That Money
Whatever You Like Remix
All Night
Its All Real
Live My Life Alone
Living (Live My Life Alone)
King On Set
Let Em' Talk
Got Your Back

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