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Tru Song Lyrics

The Truth (2005)

Where U From
Photo Book
Go Off
Street Army
Welcome To New Orleans
You Ain't Sayin' Nothin'
Shake It
Sea Saw For Me
Hood & Street
Buckle Up
Point 'em Out
Here We Come

Da Crime Family (1999)

Tru-the Beginning
Hoody Hooo
Dangerous In My City
Miller Boyz
Tru Homies (Street Version)
Don't Judge Me
The Tank Goes On
Hard N's
Stay Real
Suppose To Be My Friend
The Ghetto Is A Struggle
Run Away Slaves
Livin' Like A Hustler
No Limit Army
You'll Never Change
Hail Mary
I Don't Want You No More
Soldier Till I Die
Buss That
Don't Fuck With Tru
R.I.P. Kevin
Bounce To This
It's A Beautiful Thing
The World Is Yours
We Riders
Prayer For A G
Tru Homies (Radio Version)

Who's Da Killer? (1998)

Who's Da Killa
Life Of A Gangsta
Neighborhood Dopeman
Talk About It
Check Your Bitch
Why You Wanna Fuck With Me
Sweated By Da Po Po's
Ghetto Is A Trap
Shouts Out

Tru 2 Da Game (1997)

No Limit Soldiers
I Always Feel Like...
There Dey Go
I Got Candy
Ghetto Thang
What They Call Us
Smokin Green
Gangstas Make The World
Swamp Nigga
Ghetto Cheeze
Heaven For A Gangster (Tru Remix)
Tru 2 Da Game
Freak Hoes
Tru ?'s
1nce Upon A Time
Pop Goes My 9
It's My Time
Torcher Chamber
They Can't Stop Us
The Lord Is Testin Me
Final Ride

True (1995)

Last Dance
That's How We Break Bread
Mobbin Throught My Hood
Living That Life
Another Day Another Dollar
Watch Your Ass (Bonus)
Walk Like A Killer
Anything Goes
I'm Bout' It, Bout It
Fuck Them Hoes
Ain't No Glock
Rev Do Wrong (Bonus)
Tru Playaz
Would You Take A Bullet For Your Homie
3 Strikes
Keep It Jumping
Keep It All Good
Shout Out

Understanding The Criminal Mind (1994)

Niggaz From Cali
Fuck That Shit
Let's Do It
Little Slut
Fuck The System
Tell Them What's Go'n On
I Ain't Go'n Out Like That
I'm The Funkiest
I Wear A Bullet Proof Vest
Understanding The Mind Of A Criminal

Miscellaneous Songs

Bad Boyz On A Mission
Christmas In The Ghetto
Down & Dirty
Eyes Of A Killa
Light It Up
Where U From

Emma Jacob - Five For Fighting - Fragile Nova - Jeffree Star - Terri Clark - The Pussycat Dolls

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