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Typa Way Lil' Wayne Song Lyrics

Typa Way Lyrics
by Lil' Wayne

And whip it like a new slave,
Whip it like a new slave,
Like it's freezing and you naked, shake that ass hoe

Shout out my nigga drum for still f*cking with me with this crazy shit man
'cause honestly he could be like man you know I f*ck with you man
I'm doing this shit without the motherf*ckers,
But still f*ck with you boy, I appreciate that man
I hope you can make the f*cking computers crush again
Yeah that

I mean defines you some typa way too
Like damn why is get win after you?
He's still on all the biggest mixtape
When it gonna stop?

My niggas is been stuntin', since way back when
Seing in, I got news for you haters
I'm a nasty ass nigga, ask your bitch I ain't lying
69 that's hr favourite for her favourite
Tem hoes biting their lip 'cause when I say shit like that she feels some typa way
I hit her from the front, from aside, from the back, I hit it on typa way
She throw it at me, like I'm just one strike away
Sometimes life it's hard to swallow but she like to taste,
Neh neh neh neh neh my lawyer fight the case,
I got the flower in me, I feel like the base,
Monsters in my closet , no more closet space,
Niggas wanna be this .. and reflect the tape,
Another small talk my girl p**sy is a water pop,
Every little thing I do turn her on
That other store, I kiss every single about the park
Her body is working for,
I'm way too high, her skirt too short,
I think her lover it was just a thug,
I'm up up in that coop,
'Bout to go back to the future
She say toon out in my mouth,
Damn you should have say that sooner,
I'll be shittin' on this niggas,
Like I'm sippin' met on ..
And we smokin' on that gas, pass it like excuse,
And it's sixty .. all day my nigga
Been smoking on that gas pass it like escuse
And it's six .. all day my nigga
Before these niggas play with us they play there my nigga
And if you're looking for me I'll be on this bitches mine
These niggas checking in and I've never seen a chicken fly,
My bitch been fussing at me about nothing
Ain't no telling what she do if I replace her
Like Bay I'm straight plenty fishes I play
We can't even have a decent conversation

I pop the sell on my sip, and she be like .. you're gonna drink my life away
Bitch is my life, my life, my life, shout out Mary Jay
And tell me boys that .. it's like a slice of cake
And all folks get shot two they write our license play
I hope that hoe don't cost in a cycle lay
All this f*cking gotta stop her I need tighter breaks
And don't run from this thicker I don't like to chase,
Ask that ass she make that miss to me on your face
And she ain't that pretty, but I like her shape
They say numbers don't lie she shape like a A
She say she don't dike, but she gonna dike today
It's curtains for these niggas I feel like some drapes
We turned up niggas, turned up stopthe micro bay
He .. I like but that's the price we pay,
I'm hotter than the peppers be the pipe away
It's that .. occasion five ..

Hey tune, I gotta turn up on the defy man

Hustle gang bang green, meet anybody get it
Anything we go for to pay for
And we live here shit, all slick get kill
Got nothin' for the tool for a hater,
Spend a hundred on my rick nigga
If .. rolly make you feel some typa way, I know it do
Your hoe be on me, know you feel some typa way
(I take your hoe), been caught I try to make you feel some typa way
(you can't afford this nigga) they can't shot getting make you feel some typa way
(bake .. ) I know you feel some typa way, I know you feel some typa way
(This game my nigga) .. how we .here poppin' that's all we like to say
No, all the problem never tryin to sower I'ma drive away
We shout and it ain't fake I know they feel some typa way

We can put it on to me and in out the crib get dressed our plan on having nice the day
I swear, plenty ..keep the mouth in the .. like typas way
Hey you know me though, why what you say?
'cause you ain't playin no game, what you lame at nigga f*ck boy you could die today
And keep the chopper tin the bank seat nigga my glock, (and I glock)
Play crazy if you want to, f*ck round to get shot, (my nigga get shot0
I don't like this nigga (I don't like this nigga)
I really f*ck this nigga (I really f*ck these niggas)
Tell crazy if you rap if you want, if you see won't tell me nigga
I f*ck .. never flip-flop, ain't ..
If you really go .. go dramatic, and we gonan do some music when the valley
I talk the .. singing, fly brig her
Clip the .. ear ring, your chest ring and back to devil,
And hope this is my life though,

They flood the roll, they make you feel some typa way ( I know it do0
Your hoe be on me, know you feel some typa way ( I take your hoe)
We can't drive we make you feel some typa way ( you can't afford this nigga)
They cash I get you, make you feel so typa way (bank .. rose)
so typa way, I know you feel some typa way
(This game my nigga) .. how we .here poppin' that's all we like to say
No, all the problem never tryin to sower I'ma drive away
We shout and it ain't fake I know they feel some typa way

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