50 Cent United Nations Lyrics

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United Nations 50 Cent Song Lyrics

United Nations Lyrics
by 50 Cent

Ah, I got big bags of paper i'ma spend, ah
We gonn do it how we do it,
Then do the shit again
You should fuck with a winner bitch if you wanna win, ah
We're celebrating like a nigga home fresher out the pen, ah

I'm on, bitches all on my john
To get bread and don't blow bread, the fuck is the point
Call me Elroy, I be on some Jetson shit
Papa x and the blue pill will wreck a bitch
I like it raw, uh baby, uh baby, I like it raw
Take a chill pill break in early tomorrow
The morning after, plan b, no kids involved
Please no kids involved
I put that money in the vault bitch usain bolt
Progress...make a deal then blow mills for real
Time's a wasting, you watching my watch, ha
You old school, huh, jocking my style


I don't give a flying fuck, I always make bail
Motherfucker on the wall, check forbes, I'm there
Not once, every year
Even when I take a break, my pockets is in shape
I'm back off a vacation
Can you believe it, I been getting paid on vacation
Yeah, i'ma keep niggas forever hating
They thought I'm going down,
Now look, I'm levitating
I'm a d pac, meditating,
On some molly and ... united nations
Fond in the world, food program
Fin to solve world hunger, god damn


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