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Verse Song Lyrics

Bitter Clarity Uncommon Grace (2012)

The Selfish Of The Earth
The Selfless Of The Earth
The Silver Spoon And The Empty Plate
Setting Fire To The Bridges We Cross
Segue One
You And I Are The Fortunate Ones
The End Of All Light
The Relevance Of Our Disconnect
Segue Two
Oceanic Tendencies
Finding A Way Out When There Is No Way
Segue Three
The End Of All Life

Aggression (2008)

Old Guards, New Methods
Suffering To Live, Scared Of Love
Story Of A Free Man - Chapter Three: Serenity
Blind Salvation
Earth And Stone
Story Of A Free Man - Chapter Two: The Cold Return
The New Fury
Sons And Daughters
Story Of A Free Man - Chapter One: The End Of Innocence

From Anger And Rage (2006)

Weather To A Stone
Hard To Breathe
Start A Fire
Standing In The Ashes
From Anger And Rage
We Were Here (39th And Glisan)
No Rest In Leavenworth
Follow, Conform, Repeat

The Legendary (2005)

Rock To This
Move Ya Muffin
Ghetto Child
Eyes Of A Dying Man
Legendary Verse
Dont Trust
Sun Summer
I See
Hard Times That Make Us
Like Father Like Son
Come Up Off That
Where Will We Be Tommorrow
Send Me

Rebuild (2004)

Tear Down These Walls
Painting Pictures
Let It All Rust
What This Means
Saying Goodbye
The Road Less Traveled
We Must
Nothing More
Waiting On Revolution

Four Songs (2003)

Everything You Were
Nothing More
Let It All Rust
Running Out

Miscellaneous Songs

Buy You A Round (Up And Down)

Emma Jacob - Five For Fighting - Fragile Nova - Jeffree Star - Terri Clark - The Pussycat Dolls

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