Puissance Warzone Lyrics

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Warzone Puissance Song Lyrics

Warzone Lyrics
by Puissance

There is no way back now, pointless to return,
lead us into victory, not a field unburned.
As you walk the path of lies, we will follow you,
blind mice on our way to hell, if we only knew.

Your crusade a futile one, just like the ones of Rome,
to build a holy empire, that you can call your own,
just a small glitch in the plan, one minor detail.
The holy warriors of the past, all they did was fail.

Stay with me.
Fight and die.
Stay with me.
Fight and die.

The fire's stirring now, you're whipping up the flames,
accusations all around, someone new to blame.
Another pretext, for another war to come,
a pack of lies prepared, we all know where it's from.

And so the next day comes, another list of dead,
to give a passing glance, names you never read.
True heroes stand among their men and not behind,
but you're not even close you're nowhere to be found.

Stay with me
Fight and die
Stay with me
Fight and die

A final conflict, you're the one to lead the way,
to save the world from ruin, and moral decay.
No matter that your conscience is blacker than the night,
you stand in safety and let others children fight.

No price is too high just as long as you don't pay.
We will stand firm, we will stand tall, we will prevail.
And so we bend the rules of freedom once again.
History will judge you, in the pages that you stain

Stay with me
Fight and die
Stay with me
Fight and die

Stay with me
Fight and die
Stay with me
Fight and die

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