Vetten Äpärät Winter Darkness Lyrics

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Winter Darkness Vetten Äpärät Song Lyrics

Winter Darkness Lyrics
by Vetten Äpärät

A cold winter night
With out lights
Ominous silence
A timeless snowy land
Hides all my power
Strong flaming heart
Hold me awake and
Keep us moving
When the death reaches
We will fight
For our lives

Block the road
And hide guiding stars
Locking hearts
Troops began fall
On the white floor
Shadows are dancing
Sapphire blue eyes are
Touching our lives

[Epic part]

We have marched so long with anger and fear
We are cold and hungry. There are no lights except the moon
Relentless howling wind speaks with language
That we don't understand

He promised to us glory with threat of the prison
This land is the prison, it leads to death
The pride fool warlord sent us here to conquer this ice kingdom

We have found nothing but snow, ice and enchanting silence
He will beg mercy from us if we return

I know they are here. They have surrounded us
They are spirits of Kamos of eternal night
I shout, “Reveal yourselves, I do not fear Death!”

You mortal fools. Leave our frozen kingdom
How dare you invade this land...

Now their minds are obsessed by the cold
Hearts are burned by the frost
And deathly pale skins covered by snow
Eyes are eclipsed

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