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Your Shapeless Beauty Song Lyrics

My Swan Song (2002)

Wolves Are Not Yours
Mourning Of A New Day
Song For A Ghost
Sine Sole Nihil
Of Roaches And Shades...
I'll Be Your Shadow God
The Heretic Side Of Wisdom

Sycamore Grove (1997)

Prelude N° 3
Le Berceau De L'ange (Nocturnal Call Part 3)
The Awakening
On The Wings Of The Black Rain
Equinoctial Desires
An Orchid In My Belfry (Nocturnal Call Part 2)
Last Ember From The Past
Goddess Of Lust
RÚcital Pour Une Agonie CÚleste
Deities In The Dew
Empyreal Dispair

Songe En Dehors... (1997)

Le Chant Des Bannis (Nocturnal Call Pt 1)
The Forthcoming Answer

Your Shapeless Beauty (1996)

Au DelÓ Du Voile
Darkness My Bride
Your Shapeless Beauty
Rotten Love
Gothic Visions
Dark Retaliations
Those Winds I Shall Ride

Rehearsal (1995)

Your Shapeless Beauty
Gothic Visions
Dark Retalations
Darkness My Bride

Emma Jacob - Five For Fighting - Fragile Nova - Jeffree Star - Terri Clark - The Pussycat Dolls

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