Werd (S.O.S) Acapella Lyrics

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Acapella Werd (S.O.S) Song Lyrics

Acapella Lyrics
by Werd (S.O.S)

Used to be abay used to be aldy thought you were the perfect lover! All the harmonyvwent falling out of keys so now you gotta find another!

Trying not to fuck up the lines like Tetris
See I really want to get a thistle on the necklace
Plus a wont stop though Im not ment to get this
And you say Werd man Im holding you down
Thats kind of true you are holding me down
You thought that flow I was over it now
But Im happy being fly I am over the clouds
Iv got no guns Im not holding the pound
Iv got no funds Im not holding a pound
Its werd mate should know me by now
I gave you all flows so your owing me now
Shit your not fly your just stuck in the web
And Im a never ending dilemma abbreviated Ned
And fuck with my fam man Im needing in bread
Because Im not happy in a scene that seems so dead

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